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Vancouver Immigration Consultant, Julie McMahon, shares her thoughts on the value of retaining a knowledgeable and specialized RCIC who is registered with the I.C.C.R.C. Julie is also a registered CCDP, a Canadian designation for Career Counselors. “Many people are unaware of the complexity of their own situation and often find themselves on the internet searching for answers. Often times, this leads them to be more confused than they already were and they enter a situation where they are acting incorrectly and making critical errors because they don’t know the law or the regulations or the policies attached to immigration forms.” Julie says that Immigration Consultants and Lawyers exist to provide clarity for your situation, regardless of the complexity. We can optimize your situation so that you can better understand what options are available to you, often times providing avenues that were unknown to you at first. For instance, a French speaker from Nigeria who lives lawfully in France may be exempt from an LMIA and be able to apply directly for a work permit without an LMIA. Getting correct advice saves a lot of time and headaches and money. Allow us to share our expertise and intimate knowledge of Canadian immigration law with you in the context of a scheduled consultation. Our promise and guarantee is that you will leave our time together with a clear understanding of your situation and how to successfully move forward. Please contact us directly for more information on how we can help you today!

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