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Save yourself the burden of the paper work and the potential refusal of your application due to missing documents or lack of information. Entrust our experts and get the results you were looking for. All our corporate services come with a client satisfaction process ensuring that your corporation has been served accordingly. Our services include some of the following categories:

NAFTA Intra-company Transfers

To qualify as a NAFTA/CCFTA Intra-Company Transferee Visitor, the individual and/or business you represent should meet the following conditions:

  • Citizen of the United States, Mexico or Chile;
  • Employed as an executive or manager or “specialized knowledge”;
  • Companies in the United States, Mexico, Chile and Canada have a parent, branch, subsidiary, or affiliate relationship;
  • Continuous employment, in a similar position, for one year in the previous three-year period, and
  • Compliance with existing immigration requirements for temporary entry.

Duration of Entry:

An employment authorization issued at the time of the entry can have a maximum of three years. However, individuals admitted to Canada to open an office or to be employed in a new office should be issued an initial authorization to a maximum of one year. Extensions can be granted for duration of up to two years, if the person continues to comply with the requirements. The category of Intra-Company Transferees is the only NAFTA category with a limit of the total duration of employment. The total period of stay for a person employed in an executive or managerial capacity may not exceed seven years versus five years for a person employed in a position requiring specialized knowledge.

Distinction between NAFTA and CCFTA

CCFTA is a bi-lateral agreement between Canada and Chile only. Even though much of the CCFTA is modeled after NAFTA, the CCFTA is not binding upon the United States or Mexico. Thus, citizens of Chile should not presume that any of the rights and privileges granted to them under the CCFTA will apply with respect to the United States or Mexico. Similarly, citizens of the United States and Mexico should not presume that any of the rights and privileges granted to them under NAFTA will apply with respect to Chile.

Canadian Suppliers

Canadian corporations have an international reputation for their professionalism and high performance. Due to its partners and locations in Canada and overseas, Immigrant Business BC can assist you in finding the best Canadian supplier for your business. Our service consists of putting you in direct contact with Canadian corporations that offer you the products and services you are looking for. We also offer personalized services to Canadian companies and entrepreneurs that are looking to penetrate new markets. Our experience and wide knowledge in different international markets enables us to provide Canadian companies with specialized and targeted markets. This service is offered on demand.

Specialized Manpower

The Canadian labour market is facing a considerable shortage. Many companies are desperately looking for skilled workers and executives to help them maintain their growth and productivity. Our staff will work to fulfill your requirements in human resources from overseas. We represent you before all authorities in order to acquire the necessary acceptances and permits. Specifically, we will complete an LMIA on your company’s behalf.

Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)

The LMIA Application is a lengthy process that involves many different steps and requires specialized knowledge to complete appropriately so that a positive LMIA opinion is obtained from Service Canada. We are experienced in obtaining positive LMIAs for Canadian companies who wish to hire Temporary Foreign Workers to fill skills shortages.

The primary categories under the new Temporary Foreign Workers Program (as of June 2014) are:

High-wage: positions at or above the provincial/territorial median wage; examples of high-wage occupations include managerial, scientific, professional and technical positions as well as the skilled trades. Low-wage: positions below the provincial/territorial median wage; examples of low-wage occupations include general labourers, food counter attendants, and sales and service personnel.

Primary Agricultural Stream: includes positions related to on-farm primary agriculture such as general farm workers, nursery and greenhouse workers, feed lot workers and harvesting labourers, including under the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program, which enables the entry of foreign workers from Mexico and a number of Caribbean countries to meet the temporary, seasonal needs of agricultural producers.

Highest-demand, highest-paid or shortest-duration: Labour Market Impact Assessments for in-demand occupations (skilled trades), highly paid occupations (top 10%) or short-duration (120 days or less) entries will be provided within a 10 business day service standard. As for all requests to hire temporary foreign workers, LMIAs would only be granted after a rigorous review of all of the elements of the employer’s application in each of these cases.

General Immigration Consultancy Advice and Case Review

We offer personalized consultancy to companies that are looking to recruit from the international Human Resource market. The consultancy consists of an understanding of the companies needs, evaluation of the situation, recommendations, and a written proposal of implementation.

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