Provincial Programs

The Provinces and Territories of Canada have shared authority by agreement of the Federal Government in the area of immigration – this varies in extent, for instance the Quebec Immigration System, which gives Quebec the ability to define its own criteria for immigrants destined to that Province, while some of the other Provinces may have agreements in place to nominate thousands of persons each year for permanent residence.

Aside from programs for business applicants, such as the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program and the Quebec Entrepreneur and Immigrant Investor Programs, many Provinces offer an accelerated path to permanent residence to independent immigrants with skills in specific areas.

Among the Provincial programs these applicants may be able to use are:

  1. The Alberta Provincial Nominee Program
  2. The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program
  3. The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Immigration Program
  4. The New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program
  5. The Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Nominee Program
  6. The Nova Scotia Nominee Program
  7. The Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program
  8. The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program
  9. Quebec – certain Temporary Workers, Students and Self-employed Persons

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