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Skills International

Skills International: Take advantage of our licensed connection and contract with SkillsInternational.ca, which is a tool that unites pre-screened, internationally educated professionals with employers who need their skills. This on-line tool is cost effective, efficient and the first of its kind in Canada. The Waterloo Region District School Board, WIL Employment Connections in London and COSTI Immigrant Services in Toronto, formed a collaborative to take this project from concept to creation. While on-line searchable résumé databases are not new, a site dedicated exclusively to profiling the skills of Ontario’s internationally educated professionals did not previously exist. More than 79 agencies across Canada who work with immigrants to provide connections to the labour market will be able to post the résumés of qualified, screened applicants who are ready to work in a field related to their education and experience. Employers can perform a variety of searches based on relevant criteria including skills, experience and education to review the résumés of qualified candidates, helping to ease existing and looming shortages.

Career Cruising

Career Cruising: Is a one-stop career information and job search solution. You haven’t done an amazing job search until you have implemented Career Cruising into your steps to finding your dream job in Canada. It is the only tool of its kind, Canadian made, that pulls all of the highest quality job search engines together into one single tool. And it gives up-to-date information on your industry, on jobs in your industry and on a day in the life of someone working in your industry. Nothing in Canada will prepare you for work in Canada the same way as Career Cruising which is why it is Immigrant Business BC’s choice when it comes to job search in Canada. We are a licensed agency with this great tool and great organization. Make sure that you take advantage of the IBBC Tutorial and get started on your job search today.

BC Career Development Association

BC Career Development Association: We are an Agency member of the BCCDA. That means that we incorporate all of the latest knowledge and tools in Career Development into our organization when it becomes available. Through our contacts with this association, we are able to ensure that all our clients receive information on networking industry events specific to their field of work. We can send and receive information to all Government registered career counsellors and we receive their job postings through this network, and then we post those opportunities Province wide on our Job Directory on our site. Being a member of the BCCDA gives us the ability to give you the widest coverage of job opportunities in the Province of BC. We will keep you posted on developments within your industry and enable you to know what is happening before it’s even been announced publicly.

Career Professionals of Canada

Career Professionals of Canada: IBBC is an Agency member of Career Professionals of Canada, which is a leading Canadian association for career practitioners offering credentialing, professional development, and social networking opportunities.CPC is a member-run, volunteer-driven association of professionals. Its mandate is to enable Canadian Career Professionals to achieve their career and business development goals:

  • They promote quality, ethics, and expertise within the industry.
  • They offer credentialing, professional development, and awards to raise our members’ profiles.
  • They provide safe and secure on-line forums where members develop meaningful business relationships.
  • They connect their network of members to individuals and organizations seeking their services.
  • They help members achieve success as they take their career and business to new horizons.
  • They believe in giving back to our community.
  • They are working together for career success!

Vancouver Board of Trade

Vancouver Board of Trade: Like we said earlier when we talked about the work that we do with our clients and members, that networking is really where the gold is. That is where you will get the most value for money. And it’s not about what you know in BC, it’s about WHO YOU KNOW. And that is why IBBC is a member of the Vancouver Board of Trade. VBOT is a network of world-class business leaders, professionals from all industry sectors, and, of course, potential customers and clients. They have on offer to their members valuable information and resources to professionally develop business people, strengthen business skills and raise people’s profile to expand their markets – all vital components to achieving success in today’s business world. An estimated 200,000 business cards are exchanged each year at The Vancouver Board of Trade’s 400 events, committee meetings and activities attracting more than 24,000 attendees.

Psychometrics Canada

Psychometrics Canada: Psychometrics Canada is the leader in assessment process for careers in Canada. We have a business weblink with this organization to help facilitate the process of member employment placement into jobs if they are asked to take an assessment by a particular BC Employer. For newcomers, many will be asked by a Canadian employer to do an assessment before they are hired. We help facilitate this process for both the newcomer and the employer who intends to hire them. Please be relaxed about this process as it is not meant to be intimidating for you. The process of assessment is a way for the Employer to get to know you better as a person, so that they can assign work to you that matches your abilities. If you are a member of IBBC, you will not need to pay for this assessment. IBBC is able to conduct assessment for the following Canadian tests:

Richmond Chamber of Commerce

The Richmond Chamber of Commerce: The Richmond Chamber of Commerce is a broad-based non-profit membership association, celebrating over 80 years of commitment to make Richmond the most prosperous and favourable place to do business. It serves as catalyst and unifying body for the driving forces of the Richmond economy and is actively engaged in key sectors of economic development. In this spirit, the Richmond Chamber of Commerce promotes the development of a strong, proud, representative and committed membership. We refer IBBC members to RCC and accept referrals from them when appropriate.

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