Webinar on Cultural Competence in Canada

This webinar is on Cultural Competence Talk with Canadian Employers and is a webinar that was done in partnership with Skillsinternational, varies Agencies both East Coast and West Coast as well as Private Consultants & Lawyers in Canada.

Webinar on Hiring Practices of New Immigrants

Press play to watch the full webinar (length: 59:15) or scroll down to jump to specific sections Hiring New Immigrants

Creative practices in recruiting and integrating skilled immigrants can build an organization’s brand as an employer of choice, helping them win the war for top talent, and lead to a more innovative and productive workforce.

This webinar highlights award-winning practices from the winners of the 2012 Best Employers for New Canadians competition and offers advice to other employers looking for ways to best tap into and integrate this talent pool.


What Employers Need to Know

  • Mentoring is the most popular initiative among winners of the Best Employers for New Canadians competition and this was reflected in a poll of webinar participants, with 100 per cent of respondents indicating their organizations have a mentoring program as part of their recruitment and integration efforts.
  • Among this year’s winners, the focus of many programs is on helping new Canadians overcome employment barriers, such as the requirement for Canadian experience, education or credentials. Initiatives include bridging programs, internships, transitional employment and financial support to cover the cost of professional development courses.
  • Low-cost initiatives — such as wage subsidies, work placements, mentoring, cultural celebrations and buddy programs — can have the biggest impact in terms of educating employees about the value of skilled immigrants and increasing employee engagement and retention.

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