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    Hi,I am a IT Professional with more than 10 years of experience in Networking and Systems Administration. Problem is, I did not finsihed my college ( lack some units ) I got CISCO and MICROSOFT Certificates to back them up.Can i qualify as an Skilled Immigrant ?


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      Hi Lamisa,

      This is not a quick question. The reason is that research and referring to the regulations and laws as well as the National Occupational Classification information is required for a full answer to your question.

      If you become a member, we could potentially help you further. Otherwise, there are immigration consultants who specialize in this area and can complete a full answer to your case.

      Remember that you must meet all requirements before applying to CIC. And you must also meet the NOC description of your particular occupation.

      Based on the information you have provided, as we do not have all the details of your particular case, we cannot comment publicly, nor would we wish to, as case by case basis is something that requires a legal framework of confidentiality.

      Best wishes,


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