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At IBBC, corporate responsibility (CR) is about integrating social, environmental and economic integrity into our values, culture, decision-making and operations in an accountable and transparent manner. Put simply, we aspire to be a CR leader. To achieve this goal, we have developed a framework that focuses our commitments and actions into four quadrants: community, environment, people and marketplace. By considering the wider impacts of our conduct and decisions across these four areas, we’re better able to embed CR in all our organizational planning and business processes. We set goals for each of these quadrants and developed a strategy to achieve them. Our firm approaches CR from four perspectives:
  1. Community: We are committed to helping build and empower community leadership. We will do this by sharing our time, knowledge and resources, as well as by harnessing the dedication and capabilities of our people.
  2. Environment: We respect the environment. And we are committed to taking the necessary and measurable steps to reduce the environmental impact of our business operations.
  3. People: We are committed to creating a culture of success for our people by engaging and motivating them to do their best and supporting them to reach both their personal and professional goals. We’re focused on developing responsible leaders who can build trust-based relationships with each other and with our clients and stakeholders.
  4. Marketplace: Our goal is to take a leadership role in bringing about positive change and improvements in our profession and the marketplace by promoting new immigrants into the BC economy. We do this first by practising responsible, sustainable business practices and setting an example of diversity and multiculturalism, corporate citizenship and good governance. Second, by promoting these values among our clients, vendors and other organizations. And third, we take an active role in contributing to the debate on new immigrant issues impacting our marketplace.
This website demonstrates IBBCs commitment to CR through our discussion of work carried out under these quadrants.

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