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Julie McMahon

Julie McMahon Immigration Counsel, RCIC R509339 Julie@immigrantbusinessbc.ca

Julie is a registered member of the ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council), the body which regulates all Canadian Immigration Consultants who are currently practicing immigration law in Canada and abroad. Julie has a background in immigrant settlement services, career counselling and business development (both academic and practical application). Julie is a Career Development Practitioner (SFU) and is a member of the BC Career Development Association as well as a Member of Career Professionals of Canada. She holds an Immigration Consultant Diploma (CSIC), a Bachelors Degree in English (UBC) and a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (SFU). Julie is also a Certified Interview Strategist (CPC) and a Certified Resume Strategist (CPC). Julie is a Certified Psychometric Assessor in Career Testing (Psychometrics Canada) and is well versed in Myers Briggs Type Indicator, Career Profiler and the Strong Interest Inventory. She has worked with new immigrants and overseas clients for over 15 years, and it is her passion to help new people make their Canadian dream a reality. In her spare time, Julie is a volunteer facilitator for Chimo Crisis Services (Employment Law Workshops in the Richmond School District), the Richmond Public Library and SOS Children’s Village Run. She recently designed a Business Program for an Immigrant Settlement Services Agency in BC. Julie has worked for The Spectra Group of Great Restaurants, Simon Fraser University, Chimo Crisis Services, and Employment Services of BC (Skills Connect for Immigrants, Jobwave, and Open Door Group for Persons with Disabilities). Julie is bilingual in English & French.

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